10 Ways to Pamper Your BFF Who Just Had a Baby

Giving birth is a crazy, amazing, messy, painful, beautiful and exhausting act, one that leaves nearly every new mama totally drained, emotionally and physically, post partum. It’s your job as her BFF to do anything and everything you can to fill her back up and support her during this exhausting time. That whole “it takes a village” thing is 100 percent true, and as one of her primary residents, it’s your civic duty to spoil the new mom. You might be wondering what you can do to help- well, we can assist you with that, especially since those first 40 days are so important. Here are 10 helpful suggestions on how you can be the best, most supportive BFF ever in these first weeks.

1. Sign her up for a food service delivery. One of the last things on a new mom’s mind (even if she fashions herself a modern day Julia Child) is the idea of slaving over a hot stove making dinner. If her partner is not handy in the kitchen, then this hungry (and likely nursing) mama will need some meals. To m…

5 Nighttime Routines to Help Your Toddler Get to Sleep

Lots of things happen when you have a kid: You’ll become a pro at changing a diaper one-handed (using a V cute diaper bag), you’ll get used to never peeing alone and you’ll be sleep deprived — very, very sleep deprived. The lack of z’s won’t stop when your offspring steps up from baby to toddler, but this is the time when you really need to set boundaries, create healthy habits and instill nighttime routines that will make bedtime easier for your wide-awake little human. Not only will you be able to get more rest yourself (and OMG, you’ll need it), but you will help your kids feel safer and more secure (routines help with that). It’s a win-win! To assist you in this noble journey, we have five tried and true ways to help your little ones go night night.

1. Read soothing books. This is a go-to bedtime routine for a gazillion parents, and for good reason. It works! But you shouldn’t merely pull out any book — find tomes that are soothing, relaxing and have a soft cadence. You wouldn’t w…